Welcome to Barnes Laserworks
We are a privately-owned and operated full service engraving and cutting business with over 20 plus years in the electrical and mechanical trades, giving us a working knowledge of the requirements often needed to fulfill our clients needs.

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Featured Items at Barnes Laserworks
Almost anything can be put into production.  If you have an idea just tell us and we will let you know if it is feasible or not.

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What is Barnes Laserworks
Laser Engraving is performed with a sealed CO2 type laser that is able to print dots just like a regular printer. The laser head will scan back and forth, left and right to engrave a series of dots to produce highly detailed graphics.

Laser Cutting is the process when a continuous path that follows the outline of an image is cut by the laser.  It is normally used to cut completely through materials such as acrylic, wood and paper.

Laser Marking is the process when the laser marks materials with a number or trademark.  For example, matrix bar codes, serials numbers, and logos.

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"We developed a new product that needed a high quality engraving applied to the surface. Barnes LaserWorks produced an engraving that exceeded our expectations."
-Jamie Brown, Associate Research Scientist, Supelco (Sigma-Aldrich Company)  more>>


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