Barnes LaserWorks was established in June of 2002. With a background in the mechanical trades for over 25 years and being somewhat handicapped and not able to perform the tasks needed to resume my profession, I needed to find something which utilized my skills and knowledge but allowed me to be in a somewhat sedentary position. After visiting a trade show at a woodworker’s convention and seeing a Laser engraver in action the thought process began. Because of the versatility of the laser and the wide range of materials able to be marked or engraved it seemed like the perfect tool to start a new endeavor. Having a creative background and experience in the trades it seemed to be a perfect match. Thus Barnes LaserWorks was created.

Barnes LaserWorks has focused on being the one company in our area that likes to say “we can”. Our work is featured on machines that have been shipped to various countries around the world. We also do work in conjunction with another company that furnishes a custom, corporate style trophy for the largest bicycle race in North America, called the Tour De Toona. As a subcontractor we have engraved glass for donor recognition throughout the new Forestry Building at the Pennsylvania State University. We have done work for companies such as Raytheon, Supelco (Sigma-Aldrich), Vertex RSI (General Dynamics), Penn State University Army ROTC, G.M. McCrossin, Inc. and The Restek Corporation just to mention a few.

Our focus is to supply a quality product in a timely manner. We are a small company that likes to “do it right”. You can feel confident that our product is worthy or we won’t send it out.
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