Laser Engraving is performed with a sealed CO2 type laser that is able to print dots just like a regular printer. The laser head will scan back and forth, left and right to engrave a series of dots to produce highly detailed graphics.

Laser Cutting is the process when a continuous path that follows the outline of an image is cut by the laser.  It is normally used to cut completely through materials such as acrylic, wood and paper.

Laser Marking is the process when the laser marks materials with a number or trademark.  For example, matrix bar codes, serials numbers, and logos.

Boat Cut OutBecause most items are unique and custom, there is a certain amount of preparation time associated with every item being engraved.  That is why we state the cost of the item plus any other associated charges listed below.

Normal charges associated with products are:

  • Items Cost
  • Set Up
  • Text
  • Logo Work / Art Work

We do not always have a standard per line cost associated with text because of text layout.  It wouldn't be fair to charge for one word on a line.

We also reflect a cost break on multiple pieces of the same item.

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